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Series: When Retirement Comes: A Retreat for Men

When Retirement Comes: Renegotiating Our Purpose; the Shift from Quantity to Quality

Let's clear up a serious misconception right away. The word retirement implies a withdrawing or retreat, as from worldly matters or the company of others. This is what frightens us the most. To be out of contact, out of the flow, to be relegated to the sidelines, to become irrelevant; as the rest of the world continues with their purposeful endeavors. Nonsense! This is NOT the time to pack it in! This is the all-important time to shift our priorities and energies from a life of quantity (accumulating education, careers, family, jobs, money, things, a life of doing, etc.) to a life of quality (depth, meaning, wisdom, a life based more on being, etc.) This is the last significant developmental stage in our lives. It requires that we navigate it with the wisdom we have reaped throughout our lives. We will explore some of the reservations regarding retirement and begin to rewrite a new script, a new storyline that honors this unique opportunity in our lives. We have worked hard to get here. It is our turn now.  Let's do this!

Tom Roberts is the owner of Innerchange Counseling in Onalaska, Wisconsin; an author and artist; and a dynamic speaker who regularly presents at training sessions, workshops and retreats throughout the country.

Start Date: Saturday, March 25, 2017

Start/End time: 8:30 am - 12:00 pm

Presenter: Tom Roberts