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Series: Devotion Through Body Awareness

This interactive evening with Sam Licht will be a gift for your mind, body and spirit! Come to learn self-care techniques, finding ways to experience deeper relaxation through awareness. Come prepared also to practice some stretching and yoga. Be sure to wear comfortable clothes and know that all skill levels are welcome! Sam’s favorite part of teaching is seeing students learn about themselves, as the spark of knowledge is revealed. This is sure to be a wonderful night for participants to hear a bit of Sam’s story as they discover new and wonderful aspects of their own.

Cynthia (Sam) Licht has made her career attending to the functioning of muscles. She began as a competitive powerlifter, and then worked as the coordinator of the YWCA Nautilus and YMCA weight room. Her fascination and wonder with muscles led to a career as a massage therapist for the past 20-plus years, most recently at Sue Kolve’s Salon and Day Spa in Onalaska. This training has given her additional insight into movement, function, structure and action. She also practices and teaches Iyengar yoga at The Yoga Place in La Crosse, through which she has found a path to self-awareness by asana, stretching not only muscles but one’s inner consciousness.

Please register by September 7.

Start Date: Thursday, September 21, 2017

Start/End time: 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm

Presenter: Cynthia (Sam) Licht