Series: Lenten Labyrinth Walk: Love From the Ashes

As we begin the Lenten season, people of all faith traditions and spiritual backgrounds are invited to walk our indoor canvas labyrinth. 
A labyrinth is a single path that has been used as a walking meditation for prayer and reflection since ancient times. For many, it is symbolic of a pilgrimage and can help bring about clarity, peace and healing. Our indoor labyrinth is designed in the pattern of the Chartres Cathedral labyrinth in France, which dates back to the 1200s.

The Ash Wednesday ritual that marks the beginning of Lent in many Christian churches reminds us that loss is part of life. Our journey may include the death of a loved one or the end of a significant relationship. Feelings of loss also can come with changes in our roles, identity, health or belief and trust in a loving and just world. Yet, like a phoenix, new life and love can arise from the ashes. We invite you to come walk the labyrinth and contemplate this mystery.

No registration necessary. Freewill offerings appreciated. 

Start Date: Thursday, February 15, 2018

Start/End time: 4:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Presenter: FSC staff