Art Dash

Everyone was a winner during our first-ever Art Dash fundraising event. As we called their numbers in rapid succession, ticket holders dashed to claim their favorite works of art from among 60 donated pieces. Most of the artists were on hand, as were more than 100 spectators, to mingle and enjoy a delicious spread of appetizers and desserts. Thank you to everyone who attended! We hope you had as much fun as we did.


SAVE THE DATE: March 22, 2018.

New bigger venue (Radisson Center) and more display space for artists!

If you'd like to participate as an artist, please contact Stacey Kalas at

If you are interested in sponsoring the event, contact Kristy Walz at


This fun and fast-paced event brings together local artists and community members/patrons for a spirited evening of socializing, food, cocktails and fine art. For more than 30 years, the FSC has been a welcoming and peaceful space to explore spirituality through the visual arts and other forms of creative expression. Please help us continue that tradition by supporting the FSC and local artists! 

How it works: A limited number of patron tickets corresponding to the number of donated art items will be sold for $100 each. Additionally, spectator tickets (for those who want to watch the fun but not leave with a piece of art) will be sold for $50 each. All ticket holders will enjoy delicious appetizers and desserts and have a chance to mingle with the artists and other guests. A cash bar also will be available. Each patron ticket holder will be assigned a number. After a social hour and preview of the art, numbers will be drawn in random order. When their number is called, ticket holders will dash to the art item of their choice. If that item is still available, they may select it. If it already has been chosen, they’ll have to dash to another item that appeals to them and so on until all of the pieces are claimed.

Every patron ticket holder goes home with a piece of art. No art will be left over or unclaimed at the end of the evening.

Click here for a 2017 event poster.



Emily Alvarez, paintings

Cody Bartz, printmaking, graphic art,

Kate Bausch, acrylic paintings, mixed media, iconography,

Terri Beck-Engel, oil and cold wax paintings, pastel paintings, oil paintings,

Darrel Bowman, stoneware pottery, Facebook page: Darrel Bowman Pottery

Betty Bradley, FSPA, watercolors and religious icons,

Karen Bressi and staff, pottery, canvas paintings, fused glass, mixed media, Generous Earth Pottery, All Glazed Up!, Creative Canvas and Board, Art Rageous Art Centers

Quenten Brown, mixed media,,

Kori Brudos, functional pottery

Lynne Burgess, woodcuts,

Jeff Bye, paintings, drawings and mixed media

Kay Campbell / Kay’s Potiques, ceramics, Facebook page: Kay’s Potiques,

Jamie Cooper, handcrafted wooden canoe paddles,,, 608-780-1074

Pita Daniels, acrylic paintings (abstract expressionism), 608-637-2315,

Rocky Danielson, painting, fiber arts

Joyce Diveley, arts and crafts style pottery,

Karen Dunn, watercolors

Larry Durfey, reactionary photo art (abstract-realism),

Andrea Fisher  / LARK, handprinted and designed clothing and scarves, 440-759-5320,, Facebook page: Lark

Toril Fisher, paintings,, Facebook page: Toril Fisher Fine Art

Jane Fotopoulos, plein air and oil paintings, iconography,

Maryam Gossling, FSPA,  iconography

Laurel Grey, glasswork,, Facebook page: Laurel Grey Glassworks, 608-519-0300.

Joan Gundersen, oil paintings and iconography, Gallery La Crosse, 320 Main St. 

Laura Hansen, paintings, prints, drawings,

Jamie Harper / Salvaged Medium, paintings created with reclaimed latex paint and salvaged hollow core doors, Facebook page: Salvaged Medium

Angie Hemker, jewelry, paintings, mixed media, Facebook page: RedHouse Collections

Becky Herlitzke, acrylic paintings

Jess Hetchler, printmaking, ceramics

Laurice Heybl, FSPA, ceramics

Allen V. Jacobs, abstract art with acrylics, charcoal, watercolors, sculpture, furniture design

Karen Kappell, FSPA, pastel paintings and watercolors, ceramics, jewelry

Joe Kruse, furniture

Shane Lamb / Generous Earth Pottery, ceramics,

Barbara Lawless, iconography

Sherri Lisota, oil paintings and drawings, Viterbo University, associate professor of art

Wayne Manthey, handcrafted drums and rattles,

Linda Mast / Masterpiece Collections, kimono-bead jewelry

Lori Monson, dye-painted, silk fabric-constructed, one-of-kind clothing and scarves, Facebook page: Lori Monson Art Wear 

Janet Mootz, photography,

Tim Neve, intaglio printmaking, 608-781-1103

Thomas Roberts, Honor Your World scrolls, Zen brush paintings,

Valerie Savage, acrylic paintings

John Schneider, oil painting, pastel painting, pottery, Facebook page: John Schneider Artist, 608-606-2488,

Laura Siitari, photos and paintings inspired by the Mississippi River Valley, graphic design and illustration, Facebook page: RiverRoad Gallery – La Crosse, 608-784-0781,

Stephanie Sharp / Blissful Heart Studio, mixed media paintings, vintage spoon bracelets, printmaking, pottery,

SUTRA global imports / Kim Hammer, fair-trade textiles, home décor, jewelry, carvings from India and Bali, Facebook page: SUTRA global, Instagram: sutra_global

Connie Thompson / Constance Jewelry Design,

Mary Louise Thompson, pastel paintings and watercolors, 608-796-0447,

Carlene Unser, FSPA, paintings, weavings, iconography

Howard Von Ruden / Creative Carvings, wood-burned hand carvings,

Shirley Wagner, FSPA, fretwork, intarsia (wood inlaying),

Joan Weisenbeck, FSPA,  iconography,

Bob Witte, watercolors,,, Facebook page: Bob Witte- watercolor artist

Pauline Wittry, FSPA, watercolor and acrylic paintings

Carol Witt-Smith, Tiffany-style stained glass and mosaics, photography, fiber and painting,, Facebook page: CAWS Art Creations LLC

Phil Zimmerman, acrylic paintings, iconography,


Platinum Sponsors


Gold Sponsors

John and Maggie McHugh

Walz Appraisal


Silver Sponsors 

Barb and Joe Kruse






FSC Sponsors
Drs. John Cochran and Margaret Grenisen
Mike and Lisa Hesch
Roberta and Dan Gelatt
Lyell Montgomery and Maureen Grenisen
Karen and Dan Dunn
Rosalie Hooper Thomas and Stan Thomas

Event Sponsors
Brad and Lynn Sturm
Steve and Suzanne Tanke

Artist Sponsors
Maria Friedman, FSPA
Pat and Linda Kerrigan
Betty Daugherty, FSPA
Kevin and Beth Erickson
ChongCher Lee
Michael Krueger
Helen Elsbernd, FSPA
Dan Henderson



Terri Beck-Engel

Terri Beck-Engel

Lynne Burgess

Lynne Burgess

Laurel Grey Glassworks

Laurel Grey Glassworks

Howard Von Ruden

Howard Von Ruden / Creative Carvings

Barb Lawless

Barb Lawless 

John Schneider

John Schneider

Bob Witte

Bob Witte

Terri Beck-Engel

Larry Durfey

Lynne Burgess

Toril Fisher

Laurel Grey Glassworks

Wayne Manthey

Howard Von Ruden

Cody Bartz

Barb Lawless

Emily Alvarez

John Schneider

Quenten Brown

Bob Witte

Generous Earth Pottery

Barb Lawless

Jess Hetchler

John Schneider

Valerie Savage

Bob Witte

Joan Weisenbeck

John Schneider

Pauline Wittry, FSPA

Bob Witte

Betty Bradley, FSPA

Bob Witte

Kate Bausch

Terri Beck-Engel

Carol Witt-Smith

Lynne Burgess

Angie Hemker

Laurel Grey Glassworks

Allen V. Jacobs

Howard Von Ruden

Constance Jewelry Design

Barb Lawless

Darrel Bowman

John Schneider

Shane Lamb

Bob Witte

Karen Dunn

Joan Gundersen

Lynne Burgess

Joyce Dively

Laurel Grey Glassworks

Lori Monson

Howard Von Ruden

Laura Siitari

Barb Lawless

Stephanie Sharp

John Schneider

Mary Thompson

Bob Witte

SUTRA Global Imports

Barb Lawless

Tim Neve

John Schneider

Tom Roberts

John Schneider

Laura Hansen

Bob Witte

Karen Kappell, FSPA

Barb Lawless

Jamie Cooper

John Schneider

Jamie Harper

Barb Lawless

Jane Fotopoulos

John Schneider

Shirley Wagner, FSPA