CONNECTION, COMMUNITY, COMPASSIONATE LISTENING: The Franciscan Spirituality Center is a sacred place of peace and hospitality for those seeking spiritual renewal, personal and professional growth, healing, transformation and deeper self-awareness. We are dedicated to supporting anyone in their search for God, meaning and wholeness. People of all faith backgrounds and traditions are welcome!

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    A Retreat With the Mystics

    JUNE 29-JULY 1: Marcia Bentley leads tis weekend retreat to explore the lives and wisdom of mystics from West and East, both women and men, and learn the spiritual practices that helped prepare them for their mystical experiences and sustain their faith.

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    Iconography Retreat: Konev Mother of God

    JULY 8-14: Learn how to paint an icon that depicts the miraculous image of the Mother of God, brought by St. Arseny from Mount Athos to Russia in the 14th century. The Virgin is depicted with the Christ Child, who holds a dove, symbolizing spiritual purity.

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    Movie Night with Mister Rogers

    JULY 22: Join us for an inspirational evening as we watch a movie that condenses the life lessons of beloved TV host Fred Rogers and discuss what it means to be a neighbor.

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    Return of the Feminine: A Summer Solstice Yoga Celebration for Women

    JUNE 21-23: Soften into one's self with mindful, revitalizing practices from yoga and Ayurveda that connect us to our divine femininity during this summer yoga retreat with Heather Henry.

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    Wear Your Support of the FSC!

    SPRING APPEAL: Let us thank you for your donation with a free T-shirt. Hurry, this deal is for a limited time only!

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    Paint & Picnic: Family Canvas Painting Event

    JUNE 21: Celebrate the beginning of summer by creating a family canvas painting while enjoying a picnic dinner, s’mores, and great opportunity for fellowship and fun.

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    Compassionate Presence: Holding Space for the Dying

    SEPTEMBER 22: Dr. Jackie Yaeger leads this workshop to help caregivers learn how to be a resilient and compassionate presence at the bedside of a dying loved one. We'll explore what to expect before, during and after death.

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    Singing Bowls at Sunset

    JULY 10: Experience Tom Roberts' sound meditation in nature! All are invited to this special evening in St. Joseph Ridge to experience the power and beauty of traditional Tibetan singing bowls outside as the sun sets.

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    Mining the Meaning of Our Sacred Stories

    CONTINUING EDUCATION FOR SPIRITUAL DIRECTORS: Diane Millis returns October 26-27 to explore the different stages of our life's story and how spiritual directors can help facilitate movement from one stage to the next.

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  • JulyAug slideshow.jpg

    At the Center newsletter - July/August 2018

    IN THIS ISSUE: Singing Bowls at Sunset, Iconography Retreat, Holy Wells and Thin Places, Movie Night with Mister Rogers plus a look back at our hermitages and the wonderful friend of the FSC who led the construction project.

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    Holy Wells and Thin Places: Celtic Spirituality for Our Time

    AUGUST 17-19: Storyteller, soul friend and retreat leader Carl McColman will lead a weekend retreat to celebrate the wisdom of the Celts and explore these thin places within where we might feel closer to God.

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We are thrilled to bring storyteller and soul friend Carl McColman to the FSC for a retreat on Celtic spirituality August 17-19. Please click here to read our interview with him.

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