The Franciscan Spirituality Center is a sacred place of peace and hospitality for those seeking spiritual renewal, personal and professional growth, healing, transformation and deeper self-awareness. We are dedicated to supporting anyone in their search for God, meaning and wholeness. We invite you to explore our many offerings: individual and group compassionate listening, daylong programs, guided and preached retreats, mind-body-spirit classes, opportunities for creative expression, meeting room space for organizations, hermitage stays and an innovative training program for spiritual directors. No visit is complete without a stop in our fabulous Sophia Bookstore or well-stocked lending library. Staff is also available for off-site workshops, presentations and programs. Come as you are. Everyone is welcome. Peace and all good!

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  • art yoga quiet intention.jpg

    Art + Yoga + Quiet = Intention: A Dynamic Retreat for Self-Care

    On this September 15-16 retreat, you are invited to enter into a sacred space where your creative center can express itself through watercolor, yoga and mixed-media artistic expression. You'll also develop a personal intention formed by the heart and mind. No experience necessary!

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  • July August slideshow.jpg

    At the Center newsletter - July/August 2017

    Summer programs and retreats include Running as Sacred Time, Contemplative Practice Through Picture-Taking with Tom Roberts, Gospel Questions for John McHugh, Singing Bowls at Sunset, Icon Writing: Jonah and the Whale, Eco-Love summer camp for adults, a new writing retreat with Theresa Washburn, a new support group for caregivers, Sacred Family: Mindful in Nature, Sip & Paint: Angels Among Us and more!

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  • caregiver web.jpg

    Caregivers Support Group

    Are you in need of support as you care for a parent or spouse? Anita Dahlby leads this new group for caregivers of older family members on the third Monday of the month.

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  • Enneagram.jpg

    The Enneagram in Spiritual Direction

    Join us November 17-18 for this special opportunity designed to help spiritual directors understand the gifts and challenges of the nine core personality styles of the Enneagram.

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  • iconsimeonwebbanner.jpg

    Icon Writing: St. Simeon the Godbearer

    Just added for 2017: Learn to paint this stunning icon of St. Simeon holding the Christ Child during our December 3-9 retreat with master iconographer Phil Zimmerman. No experience needed!

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  • Muslim Neighbor slideshow.jpg

    My Neighbor is Muslim

    FOUR-WEEK SERIES: Vince Hatt facilitates Thursday evening discussions (October 19 and 26, November 2 and 9) designed to help Christians understand Muslims, and Muslims understand Christians.

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  • DrumMakingBanner.jpg

    Drum-Making Workshop

    Drum maker and storyteller Wayne Manthey returns to the FSC on September 23 to lead this one-day workshop to create a unique, personal drum using natural elements.

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  • BrushSilenceBanner.jpg

    A Brush with Silence: An Introduction to Brush Meditation

    Tom Roberts leads this introductory Shodo session on September 19. Come experience the playful and profound dance of brush, ink and paper to access your deeper wisdom.

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  • Finding God in All Things slideshow.jpg

    Finding God in All Things

    The Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius in Daily Life: All those who are interested in exploring various spiritual practices and ways of praying to help discern the fingerprints of God in their life are invited to journey with us during this nine-month retreat experience.

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  • ListeningSeriesBanner.jpg

    Listening: A Path to Transformation

    NEW LISTENING SERIES: First in our new series is a September 22-23 retreat with Janet Mallak, SSND, to explore how the act of listening can transform us.

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  • BodyAwarenessBanner.jpg

    Devotion Through Body Awareness

    Experience a gift for your mind, body and spirit on September 21 as Cynthia (Sam) Licht shares self-care techniques for deep relaxation through awareness, stretching and yoga.

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  • FrancisSultan.jpg

    St. Francis, Islam and the Case for Peace

    Join us October 14 as we explore how the story of St. Francis' daring journey across enemy lines to meet with the sultan of Egypt offers insights into the struggle for peace between Christians and Muslims today.

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  • Cover slideshow.jpg

    At the Center newsletter - September/October 2017

    INSIDE THIS ISSUE: Faith and Feminism with theologian Gina Messina, new Listening Series, several opportunities for artistic expression and body movement, Caregivers Support Group, Surrender and Live: A Serenity Retreat, My Neighbor is Muslim four-week series, new yoga and tai chi classes and so much more!

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  • SerenityRetreat.jpg

    Surrender and Live: A Serenity Retreat

    Men and women who are members of a 12-step fellowship and active in their recovery from alcohol or drugs are invited to this closed retreat October 6-7 for rest, renewal and fellowship.

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  • mindfulness.jpg

    Mindfulness for Stress Reduction

    Greg Lovell's monthly series starts again starting September 19. Come to one or all of the sessions.

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  • mchughwebbanner.jpg

    Gospel Questions for John McHugh

    Here's your chance to hear explanations about confusing Gospel passages from Bible scholar John McHugh! Submit your questions ahead of time, and he'll answer as many as time permits during a special evening presentation Tuesday, August 22.

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  • MessinaBanner.jpg

    Faith and Feminism: Resistance and Persistence in the Church

    Join us September 7 for a special evening with American feminist scholar and Catholic theologian Gina Messina to consider modern-day challenges for women in the Church and opportunities to find voice, become empowered and participate in positive social change.

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Upcoming Programs & Retreats

Mindful Meditation
August 26, 2017 8:00 am
This open group allows you to find support, energy and discipline for your meditation practice... Location: Franciscan Spirituality Center
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Depressed Anonymous
August 28, 2017 5:30 pm
Depressed Anonymous is a 12-step group where people dealing with depression can generate positive... Location: Franciscan Spirituality Center
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