CONNECTION, COMMUNITY, COMPASSIONATE LISTENING: The Franciscan Spirituality Center is a sacred place of peace and hospitality for those seeking spiritual renewal, personal and professional growth, healing, transformation and deeper self-awareness. We are dedicated to supporting anyone in their search for God, meaning and wholeness. People of all faith backgrounds and traditions are welcome!

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  • Drummaking slideshow.jpg

    Sacred Drum Making

    SEPTEMBER 29: Learn how to make your own personal drum, a sacred instrument of peace, using deer hide and other natural materials.

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  • BusyStudentslideshow.jpg

    Busy Student Retreat

    OCTOBER 7-18: Students of all backgrounds and faith traditions are invited to this flexible experience that offers intentional time for prayer, compassionate listening and encouragement.

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  • Indoor Labyrinth.jpg

    Labyrinth Walk: Autumnal Equinox

    SEPTEMBER 25: Mark this turning point in the year with a self-guided walking meditation. Freewill donations appreciated.

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  • Listening slideshow.jpg

    Pre-Election Listening Session

    OCTOBER 21: As we approach the November midterm elections, tensions are escalating. Join us for a free listening session to express your feelings and strive to understand others' viewpoints.

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  • BBT slideshow.jpg

    Richard Rohr Presents: Barbara Brown Taylor Webcast

    OCTOBER 5: Join us this evening as we gather as a group to watch Barbara Brown Taylor's talk from the Conspire 2018 conference and then discuss what it means to embrace the darkness.

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  • Jesus At Work slideshow.jpg

    Jesus@Work: Leading With Your Heart and Head

    OCTOBER 26: Anyone who is part of a mission-driven organization is invited to this special half-day conference with keynote speaker John McHugh!

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  • MiningMeaning slideshow.jpg

    Mining the Meaning of Our Sacred Stories

    CONTINUING EDUCATION FOR SPIRITUAL DIRECTORS: Diane Millis returns October 26-27 to explore the different stages of our life's story and how spiritual directors can help facilitate movement from one stage to the next.

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  • Art As Prayer cropped.jpg

    Art as Prayer

    OCTOBER 15: Mary Thompson leads this open watercolor studio. All are welcome to come play with color and listen to your heart as you paint.

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  • Sept Oct 2018 cover.jpg

    At the Center newsletter - September/October 2018

    IN THIS ISSUE: New grief and divorce support groups, yoga and tai chi classes, Rising Strong small-group program, Art as Prayer, Canticle and the Stones: A Kinstone Experience, Sacred Drum Making, Introduction to the Enneagram, Brush Meditation, Wisdom Houses and more!

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  • Claiming Power slideshow.jpg

    Claiming Your Power, Releasing the Grip of Trauma and Fear

    OCTOBER 16: Dr. Joan Filla will share her story of recovery from childhood sexual abuse and offer encouragement for your journey and whatever obstacles and shackles hold you.

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  • Brush slideshow.jpg

    A Brush With Silence: Bringing Brush Meditation Alive

    OCTOBER 17: This new monthly group led by Tom Roberts is an opportunity to deepen your spiritual journey through the use of brushes, ink and paper.

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  • Rising Strong slideshow.jpg

    Rising Strong

    EIGHT-WEEK SERIES: This new small-group program exploring the lessons in researcher Brené Brown's book "Rising Strong" will meet on the first and third Mondays starting October 1.

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  • Meditation For Emotional Health slideshow.jpg

    Meditation for Emotional Health

    OCTOBER 4: Practice meditation as a coping skill for anxiety and depression during this new group, open to men and women, and facilitated by Laura Mausolf.

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  • Kinstone slideshow.jpg

    Canticle and the Stones: A Kinstone Experience

    SEPTEMBER 30: Join us for this special one-day retreat as we journey to nearby Kinstone megalithic garden for journaling, contemplation, following the Way of the Stones and exploring St. Francis' Canticle of Creation.

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  • Day of Solitude slideshow.jpg

    Franciscan Day of Solitude

    OCTOBER 23: Wouldn't you love to have a day to just BE? No cellphones, no appointments, no noise ... solitude offers us a place to listen to and rest in God. Join us for a mini-retreat to unplug.

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  • Sound of Bowls.jpg

    The Sound of Bowls

    OCTOBER 9: Tom Roberts leads this sound meditation for deep relaxation and healing. Open to all; freewill donations appreciated.

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  • Anger fear slideshow.jpg

    How Do I Cool My Anger and Warm My Sadness?

    OCTOBER 6: Sam Rahberg leads this one-day retreat to consider the ways we might turn to our God-given feelings when appropriate and when to move away from them when they don't serve our growth.

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  • Wisdom House slideshow.jpg

    Wisdom Houses

    OCTOBER 20: Join us for a delightful day of reflecting and creating as you decorate a "home" that expresses your unique personality and wisdom.

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  • Enneagram slideshow.jpg

    An Introduction to the Enneagram

    SEPTEMBER 21-22: Learn about the nine core personality styles that make up the Enneagram and how understanding what motivates and shapes your worldview can lead to greater self-awareness and better relationships.

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  • Dreams slideshow.jpg

    Dream Group

    This group meets the second Thursday of the month and is open to anyone who wants to share and discuss their dreams with others who can offer insights. Free to attend.

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