FSC "On the Road" - Need a speaker?

We have fabulous meeting rooms available at the FSC, but we are also happy to bring a program to your space. Staff members can custom design a program or retreat that is specific to your group’s needs.

Programs can be adapted for:
•  adult formation groups
•  nonprofit and business organizations
•  church, school, health care staff
•  liturgical ministry groups
•  scripture study groups
•  women’s groups
•  groups of friends or family


Rose Elsbernd, FSPA, relsbernd@fspa.org, 608-791-5268 - Private retreat director and a spiritual director with focus on spiritual and personal development; also a mentor in the Spiritual Direction Preparation Program.

Sarah Hennessey, FSPA, srsarah@fspa.org, 608-791-5299 - Private retreat director, spiritual director and presenter on programs such as Practices for Spiritual Health, prayer, meditation, self-care and Franciscan spirituality.

Audrey Lucier, alucier@fspa.org, 608-791-5264 - Presenter of programs and retreats on spirituality, including forgiveness, hospitality, personality and prayer, Franciscan spirituality, praying with art and women of the Bible.

Jean Pagliaro, jpagliaro@fspa.org, 608-791-5603 - Presenter of programs and retreats on grief and loss; family programming, including spirituality of play; and small-group facilitation on various topics.

Steve Spilde, sspilde@fspa.org, 608-791-5297 - Private retreat director, spiritual director and presenter on programs including spirituality for Lutherans or parents, spirituality and shame, and prayer for busy people.